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Oeuf has made it its mission to ensure environmentally sound products starting with the choice of materials to the manufacturing processes to the selection of recycled packaging.

Oeuf furniture is produced in the small European country of Latvia. On the Baltic Sea, Latvia is covered by over 70% forest and thus has a proud tradition of woodworking. As a respected member of the European Community, Latvian manufacturers adhere to the standards and enforced regulations relating to labor, safety, quality, and the environment. The partners of Oeuf believe those same standards best reflect their own values of fair work practices and conservation.

Conservation is no stranger to Latvia, or Europe for that matter; it has been a way of life for generations.

Here are some of the ways we work to protect the environment:
• Forest Stewardship Certified facility
• State of the art dust collection and reprocessing of wood waste into briquettes which are then used to heat the factory
• Engineered hardboard panels made from recovered wood fibers, meeting European E1 emissions standards as well as California’s CARB 1 and 2 emissions standards
• Packaging made from recycled cardboard
• Responsible recycling of finishing material through licensed collecting facilities
• Non-toxic, water-based finishes on all our products